Friday, June 19, 2009

I am so hated.... lol

There was another thread posted lately about 'are you racist?' I answered the poll "No, I tolorate everybody as long as they live acceptably" Although I dont like that last bit, I ticked it because it was the closes to my feelings on the matter.
I got shot down so much over my opinions. Some people just never even stopped to think about where I was coming from, they just saw me say the words 'black' and though RACIST! I dont think I said black at a start but you get what I mean. I put the colour out there.... I thought thats the whole point of racisiam though, the colour of peoples skin.... I dont know.

What I have said is that no, Im not racist, I like everyone as much as the next. I had said that the 'abos' (said that way because I hate having to write aboriganies, I dont even think thats how you spell it but Im not being offensive to use an obriviation...Some thought otherwise) The abo's I knew from a country town were living like this:
  • Urinating out the front of the local super market (they could just as easy go inside to the toilets)
  • Pooing on the side of the road, or the same building (its the main building)
  • Lieing around drunk out side the shops shouting abuse out to people passing by
  • Trashing the houses given to them by the govenment
  • Not caring for their children - My fathers neighbour children come to them for food as the parents are either drunk and dont care or been thrown in jail and the family isnt interested.
  • Waste the money given to them on grog and cant afford food for the family, again so the children are been looked after by my father and step mum.
  • The beat each other up out the front of their houses with logs and whatever else. Throw beer bottles around etc
  • I knew a guy who wanted to save some money for his wife and him to have a good life. He was beaten and picked on and caleld "coconut boy" He was an abo and purely the fact that he was working and wanted to, they spat on him for it.

Now, all this I know for a fact. I have been there and seen it happening. I also know for a fact that alot of the locals have been handed decent jobs and they threw it back in the business face. They had been given cars for transport and trashed them. My father makes a fair bit of money off his neighbours because they trashed their only working car. So they pay my dad to drive them places.

Now even after I said that, one of the ladies arguing with me more or less completely ignored that post and told me I was uneducated and ignorant. This one one of her posts after my comment.

None of the Indigenous people I know have ever been given a car or a house.Some Indigenous people in remote areas were provided with public housing, due to lack of housing, just as we have public housing in the city.Many Indigenous people had no where to live because up untill the early eighties their land was taken and they were forced onto reserves, reserves are mostly put onto the worst land around that no one wants.This lead to many homeless Indigenous people.The biggest problem was Aboriginal people were given cultuarly unacceptable housing, and many had never even lived in ahouse before.Your lack of understaing on the issues is evident.

Now I tell her that Im not saying she is wrong in what she is saying, however I tell her that she obviously hasnt seen what I have. For all I know she is talking about the 'native' Australian on the other side of the country. Funny enough, the ones in a place like Perth and the ones that live in the country up north are COMPLETELY different! No better or worse, just different.

She seems to be talking about back in the 80s or something. However Im talking about now. Im by no means talking about when white people invaded and all that. Im talking about NOW when all the govenment has been doing is providing the best posible help for them. Up north they got given the same health care, the same job ops, the same chances. Its not anyone elses fault but their ownt they choose not to take them.

One women started talking about herself, saying she is a 'wog' her words not mine. SO I asked would she be offended if someone called her a wog. She said YES! I mean, it seems to me its ok for her to call herself one, but for anyone else. I have a african friend, we joke about all the time about our differences. We say its ok she has a big bum and no boobs because shes black and I get the boobs and no bum because Im white. She by no means gets offended by it.

So they call me racist. I try to say Im not. I say I never said I have a problem with them as a whole, the individuals have flaws, every race have their problems. IE, even white people can act that way. I would just as easy say that they are acting unacceptable. Just because though, I said it against someone not of my colour, its considered racisiam. So after I said we all have our flaws, she says "No, individuals dont have flaws" Now with that comment alone I was like...Umm so everyone is perfect. The druggies, the murders, the theifs... They are all perfect?

I think she just wanted to argue with me. I dont see colour when I say something about certain people. I dont like that some chinese groups skin animals alive, doesnt mean Im racist again the chinese because I said that! I was told Im generlizing and thats what makes me racist... So if I say that every Irish person I have met is a drunk (not that there is anythign wrong wtih it) Im being racist against the irish because I said the ones I have met??

Ok I better stop...Its getting me worked up again. This crap has kept me up at night thinking about it all.


Karen said...

Oh my. Just stand up for what you believe and ignore them.

cady said...

i've noticed that people of other races think it's ok for them to use derrogatory terms for themselves but not for others to.

Maureen said...

Racism and other hot topics are always difficult to voice opinions. Someone will always be offended. All you can do is know yourself

spygrrl said...

This is such a touchy topic. I don't think you can say anything to get everyone to agree with you... my opinion...and yes every peep has an opinion... is if you say it with love, grace, and a sense of humor...without attacking- that goes a long way.

good for you for even approaching such a hot topic girl!

corrin said...

It's always difficult to voice your opinion on such a volatile subject - it just seems like I can never say anything that portrays exactly how I feel.

Diane Scott said...

What a sad state of affairs that being asked for one's input means sleepless nights. Whatever happened to freedom of speech? Not agreeing or disagreeing with the events that took place - since frankly I can see both sides of the argument...

Mkcoy said...

As long as you do what you believe to be right no one can say anything to you against that. I read your post and I don't think you are racist at all. I think the other person was more out of line to say that to you tbh. You've done your part and stood up for yourself in this post. You know inside yourself you treat everyone equal regardless of there race. Regardless it doesn't matter what colour you are. If you are being anti-social as the abos were then you are in perfect right to have your opinion. Just my opinion :)

Karen said...

It is hard to voice what you mean without someone becoming upset.

Lynn said...

It can be hard to write our your opinions without someone taking it the wrong way. Try not to let it upset you. It seems people lose all common dignity on forums anyway.

Christina thecoffeelady said...

Nearly every point of view concerning peoples can be concidered "racist". When using the color of skin as a discriptive word, most people assume you to be racist. Well, personally, I could care less what color of your skin is. Just treat me and others with respect and I will treat you with respect. I am most "racist" about legislators and elected officials.... they are the biggest creeps around. No matter the color of the their skin!

Jacob said...

It's hard to say anything at all about racism without getting blasted for it, so I commend you on that.